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Is your business secure?

​How are you protecting your business from cyberattacks?

The cyber threat landscape continuously increases in complexity year on year and it is now more important than ever to protect your network and devices.

Here at idash we can work with you and your business to understand potential threats and discuss available options, giving you peace of mind.

Understanding Your Risks 

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Website security

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Recognising fake antiviruses

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Business email imposters

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Wireless networks

We recognise, along with industry experts, that employees are the biggest vulnerability within any business.


Recent studies have shown that 95% of Cyber Security breaches are caused by human error.

Can your employees spot a cleverly disguised email phishing attack hiding in their inbox?

We can present a range of products and services that will help to test, educate and maintain Cyber Security awareness throughout your business and empower your colleagues to help keep your business secure.

What happens once my business is secure?

Ongoing education for employees and maintaining a high level of security is key.

Why not show your clients and industry peers that you take Cyber Security seriously?

Do you work with Government bodies?

We can help your business become Cyber Essentials certified, enabling you to give your clients and industry peers the confidence that you are a Secure business and one that they should be working with.