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Does your business have the support it needs?

IT Support Services – Giving your business peace of mind

At idash we provide office hours support to our clients, enabling them to resolve any technical problems as and when they occur.

When you contact our service desk, you will be connected to a skilled member of our team who will work with you and attempt to solve your problem on the initial call. More complex issues will be managed by a dedicated team member. We maintain full documentation for your environment and issue enabling our entire team to easily assist you with your case.


Our onsite engineering team are available to resolve issues, that can't be fixed remotely.

Our initial step in creating a partnership is onboarding both your technical environment and your staff, ensuring a truly customer centric experience.

Monthly service reporting alongside quarterly account reviews, ensures your systems are optimal and your team maintain performance.


For further information on our IT Support services book an appointment with one of our team.

Lets work together

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1. Initial Scoping call to understand your business and its needs.

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2. Onboarding will take place, ensuring all users being supported within your business understand who we are and how they can log incidents and requests with us.

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3. Relax and enjoy the peace of mind that idash are taking care of your support needs.