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idash have helped modernise our IT and continue to provide support and advice for Ensynq moving forward

Priding itself on its ethos of delivering quality solutions and design services, Ensynq is known for its compatibility. They are confident in producing fully modeled assemblies that are fit for manufacture whilst maintaining competitive prices.

A streamlined workflow is vital for a firm with many moving parts like Ensynq. As such, they were using a variety of IT Solutions and software, but found this to be a hindrance. Ensynq reached out to IT support expert, idash, to help review their IT solutions.

idash worked in partnership with the team at Ensynq to fully review how their IT solutions were being utilised at the time. This initial groundwork allowed
idash to create a tailored plan for their IT solutions, to lessen any IT roadblocks and ease workflow processes.

Working closely with Ensynq MD, Peter Ball, idash could identify which applications and software would be vital in their day-to-day processes. Their proposal focused on modernising and streamlining the workflow. Utilising a cloud-first approach, leaning heavily on Microsoft 365’s core set of applications, provided the “one-stop shop” solution that Ensynq had been looking for.

Ensynq is a specialist CNC subcontract manufacturer of bespoke products working within the chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, motorsport, electronics, oil & gas, and audio markets. The firm supplies components and assemblies to over 20 countries, providing R&D, prototyping, and low-volume production with full accreditation to ISO 9001.

“idash have helped modernise our IT and continue to provide support and advice for Ensynq moving forward”

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