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Cloud Services

Have you got your head in the cloud?

Whether you’re interested in cloud storage or co-location services, we can help.

idash works with all leading cloud providers whilst also having our very own tier 3 data center at our St Neots head office.

  • idash Hosted
  • Microsoft 365 (SharePoint/OneDrive)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud
  • Co-location & DR

idash tier 3 data center

On- Premises Vs Cloud Solutions

On-premise solutions and cloud solutions represent two distinct approaches to managing and accessing computing resources.

On-premise solutions involve deploying and maintaining hardware and software within an organisation’s physical location, giving complete control and customisation to the user. This model requires significant upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs.

On the other hand, Cloud solutions leverage remote servers and services hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data. Cloud solutions offer scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency, as users can pay for resources on a usage basis.

While on-premise solutions provide greater control over security and customisation, cloud solutions excel in agility, accessibility, and reducing the burden of infrastructure management. The choice between on-premise and cloud solutions often depends on factors such as security requirements, budget constraints, and the need for rapid scalability.

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Disaster Recovery Strategies

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Cost Implications: On-Premises and the Cloud

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