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Data Backup

Hard drive failures, ransomware attacks, human error or physical theft — can you ever afford to lose critical business data?

Having an integrated data Backup management solution will help you restore data and ensure business continuity in events of data loss. Partner with idash to deploy the best data backup solution available via our partnership with Europe’s number one back-up provider, Veeam.

  • Veeam cloud connect
  • Veeam managed Backup
  • Microsoft 365 Backup
  • Full managed Backup and restoration testing

External hard drive backup

Safeguarding your Valuable Business Data

At idash, we prioritise the safeguarding of your valuable business data with our comprehensive data backup solutions.

Our partnership with Europe’s leading backup provider, Veeam, allows us to offer cutting-edge services such as Veeam Cloud Connect, Veeam Managed Backup, and Microsoft 365 Backup. These solutions are designed to mitigate the risks associated with hard drive failures, ransomware attacks, human errors, or physical theft, ensuring that your critical data is not only protected but also easily recoverable. Moreover, our full managed backup and restoration testing services provide an extra layer of confidence, allowing you to proactively validate the effectiveness of your data recovery strategies. With idash, you can rest assured that your business continuity is in capable hands, backed by state-of-the-art backup technologies and a commitment to securing your digital assets.

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